Looking Back

Camping with daddy

In the back yard

Superbowl Sunday

 I couldn't fall asleep last night and found myself anxiously going through the pictures on my phone, as if I was hand picking what I would dream about. I looked back on times when I had left my camera, moments when my phone was the closest piece of technology to capture a moment that meant something to me. A moment when my baby Calvin smiled with no teeth, drool gathering in the corner of hip rose tinted lips. A moment when Oliver proudly smiled after dressing for church on Sunday, looking like his daddy. A moment when Calvin was a baby. Then I realized, he is not a baby. He is a full blown toddler now! There is no second guessing that he is on his way to two, then kindergarten, then out the door on his first date! I just couldn't believe that 2, 3, even 4 months ago he was so small and baby-like, angelic even. I miss those times. The hands of time will never re-position like I dream, but the memories I have created with this little lovebug are set. An engram: permanently imprinted upon the waves of tissue in my brain.

[These photos are taken 01-30-12 through 2-10-12]