July 15, 2011

To make me feel YOUR love

Have I let you in on a little secret? I think Adele is amazing.Have I let you in on a little secret? I think Adele is amazing. I know she didn't write some of my favorites that you she sings, but I love this type of music. I have listened to my Pandora Adele station on my phone to and from work since the last week in June, 3 days a week. I love it! I actually look forward to it. I sometimes miss the days of selfishly doing whatever I want and listening to whatever I want. It is nice to have a break to enjoy music like I once did. Maybe I will cover some of her songs and post those...

One of his skills

Before now, I thought Fat Boys BBQ had the best baked beans invented. I have come to the conclusion that my love has created an even more filling, scrumptious version of baked beans! You might wonder why I would be such a fanatic over a few pinto beans and sugar, but that is because you haven't tried this recipe. 

I began working an hour ago and was just served the most delicious meal ever. My husband loves to crack open a good recipe book and create magic sometimes. I have shared the recipe below, but chances are you won't experience this yummy food the same way without the hot cook! Enjoy...

Clumsy 'ole me

My experience teaching this summer has been such a learning experience. My students are so diverse and full of perspectives on topics that I never thought of. My Valencia class that meets face-to-face twice a week (for 3 hours and 20 minutes each time) is small with 11 students of all ages and backgrounds. One of my students has a passion for cooking. She has decided to share that with us. She has catered our classes this week . Last night, she brought fried chicken, corn, home-made carrot cake, salad, and gravy. Well, I didn't know it was gravy, until I attempted to open the cooler it was in. The suction on this contraption was so tight. My students were working on group stations and I was up there trying to get a plate. It turns out that I flung gravy all over the classroom! How embarrassing right? I had them rollin' on the floor laughing. I was reminded once again of how clumsy I really CAN be and they were entertained. I guess we all needed a moment to learn.

Not ready

Confession: My 2 year has not been sleeping through the night because of many factors, one of which involves me as his mother. He wakes screaming and making all kinds of noise. Sometimes even banging on the door. He seems so distraught. So,  I was schooled by the doctor today, Parenting101. He said DO NOT GET HIM or respond to his request. He also mentioned it may take a few weeks to break him of this bad habit. Keep in mind, we (his parents) have not been sleeping very much as a result.

It may sound selfish, but I cannot think properly if I do not have sleep. It is so tempting to stay up after the children fall asleep because I know I can be so productive in completing work/chores. So, when I finally retire, the battle begins. I know they go through stages as they age. I hate to make this post sound like a complaint. I do look at this as a trial and a learning period about behavior. We will see if I am ready for tonight. I do not think so. I will report back on following the Doctor's orders.

For now, enjoy some old pics, from last month =)

July 11, 2011

I can only imagine

This video touches my heart in a special place. I have always love this song, but I can only imagine. I can only imagine the committment these parents have and all parents out there that have children with disabilities. I love the story of Team Hoyt. I love the determination. It always inspires me to be a better parent. It also sustains my testimony of the gospel. Watch these videos if you feel like be inspired!

July 7, 2011

Getting to sleep

Our little boy is growing up...well both of them are, as expected. A few things that I have missed recording about their development:

Oliver was building something with Aunt Abby yesterday. He thought Large Lego's would be the best building material he could find and worked on it for quite awhile. I felt so proud as a mother, a daughter of God, that when asked what he was building he replied, "a temple." My heart was full. 

When we arrived home yesterday, Oliver ran around the house with his Publix balloon calling his dear ole' friend Lucy. "Weeccy, where are you?" When we let her in the house he proclaimed, "There she is!" just as plain as day! He loves that crazy girl.

Calvin is a crawling fool. He hit that point where he is on one side of the room when you put him down and the next thing you know, he is across the room eating whatever loose material he finds on the ground at that time. He get so excited when you call his name, ask him how big he is or acknowledge any of his achievements. He has a great temperament, when he is happy =)

Oliver is still enthralled with nature. He was taught by discovery learning, which is a term I covered the other night in class. This is a proven ideology of teaching children. I think it has worked well. Hopefully his love and appreciation for nature and the beautiful things the Lord has created will only grow larger as he ages.

I am tired and my children are sleeping...so I better get to sleep.

Here are some much needed updates on Oliver's Mooo I'm Twooo Bday party!! Enjoy

July 6, 2011

Time will tell

This has been on my mind all day. Only time will tell. Time tells so many things. Think about it. Time tells you of reality and also can give you a glimpse into the future. Time reminds you how long you have been waiting or how fast life slips by. Time can always represent decisions of the past. You may also think of "old times" and "good times" to tell you of the past. Time motivates and sometimes is very un-motivating. Time puts the moon to bed and ushers in a new day with nothing better than the sun.
I like it when time is on my side. When I resist the temptation to be productive, yes productive, in some other area of my life and realize that time is all I have. Time can be on my side when I prioritize my life, when I prioritize the duties and responsibilities and joys of my life. Most of all time is the realization of events coming to past as I listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I try to do this everyday. I sometimes pray that I will have aid in this area. Because. Time. Only time will tell.

As I prepare my lessons for my developmental psychology class, I realize that TIME is what it is all about. The commercials that catch you with, "Isn't it about...TIME?" are so true. This life is about time. A period of our existence where we get to experience the "best of times." Life is about time. It is "Time to eat" or "Time to go to bed." We set time aside to accomplish duties.

Do I appreciate time enough? Do I think, when going through a moment in time that is difficult, that I am grateful for that time? Do I beg the Lord for more TIME each night as I recall time that has past. Do I categorize moments as a "waste" of time? Do use time to help me progress and soak up every moment of time?Do I steal time, just take it, to spend... quality time, with those I love dearest? Do I give time as service to the Lord? Do I have too much time or too little? Do I stare into the eyes of my children and wish I had more of something...oh yes! TIME!
Time is by your side. Or is it? Time is flyin by. Or is it not? All you need is time. Only time will tell. I need to change my perspective. I do this by studying the Word of God. Then I realize that it is

July 3, 2011

To one of the two

To one of the two:
Can I give you a clue
of the dearest there is
among the creatures like you?

To one of the two
a sister like you
doesn't come along everyday
and is not like you in any way.

To one of the two
Wish I were patient like you
a wonderful sister,
with a comedian mister!
Who never knows what to do

To one of the two
Can I interrupt you?
with a tale of the greatest
who is always the latest
and sometimes the safest I knew.

To one of the two
no wait, there is three
To one of the three
Is that right? Can that be?
We were blessed with the best
and there's three?

To one of the three
forever sisters we'll be
as we share our whole lives in harmony

Love you Asher Basher!! Always have, always will! Happy Birthday!

Brownies in the oven...

I thought while I had a spare moment in my ever so crazy life, I would record a few things that have occured since my last post. Calvin is crawling, Oliver is phrasing all sorts of word combinations, and I am a Phoenix!

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