February 24, 2014

Video Monday: The Power of Hope

We have been studying about Hope this month in church. To me, hope bridges what we know to be truth and what we don't need to know. Hope can always reside within us as long as we evade despair. Watch this inspiring video about hope and let me know what you think. I love these messages. They are always uplifting to me.

Take Me Back

Sometimes I entertain my mind for a moment. I dream of days my eyebrows were thinned, skin tanned and smile brightened. Nights when I would give away sleep at the possibility of hanging out with a crush. Days when I wanted just what I have now. I wanted a love that holds me close when I need it. Little versions of me and my love running around, wreaking havoc while I just smile to myself. This is what it all about. I have been looking back over the past hour wondering where it went, but knowing that it was needed.

We sang tonight. My family and 4 of the 6 missionaries in our ward. 2 are leaving and going on to serve in other places.  I miss Jason's calling. I want to serve a mission so bad. What a wonderful thing it is to get to know someone while at such an exciting time of their life. Am I so old that I am even stating the last sentence. I blurted out tonight at dinner that I would be thirty this year??!!! Wow!

I want to remember today. I want to remember trying so hard to be patient with boys who just wanted to play. We all just wanted to play. Standing over them to force one room clean if it took every last breath. Rocking sweet Gordon to sleep after his third tooth busted through his little gums. Find him woken from his nap full of love and adoration in his eyes and kisses for momma.

February 10, 2014

Video Monday: Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them

We had a wonderful day yesterday bonding with the family. I love the Sabbath Day. I learned a lot about expectations. I have such high expectations for myself and others... including my sweet boys. Sometimes, I need a little reminder about these expectations and how they won't ever match up if they are not within reach. "Perfection is not reached in this life, but in the life to come." This quote stuck with my from Relief Society this past Sunday. Although it is not a new truth, it rang true as I went throughout the day today. It even seemed to be the theme of the new LEGO movie. Enjoy this video with an Apostle of God, Russel M. Nelson.

February 7, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
I love it when you are here. It means so many things. Like Daddy is home! And we don't have to wake early for school tomorrow...or the next day. But I also have trouble realizing how you got here so fast!
Dear sweet Gordon,
You broke 2 teeth in the past week and more are coming in soon. I am so sorry! You handled it like a champ. Not too much fussing.
Dear Fiesta,
We had a great time tonight at church. Nice conversations.
Dear incessant cough that has run through our entire family,
Please go away, never to return again!
Dear Sissy,
Miss you. ;) And I miss your words on blogger.

February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Amelia

Today I am thankful for Aunt Amelia. She has been here to help for almost a week and has been such a great help. I am glad we get to stay up late and talk. Not to mention have another woman in the house! It is nice to have a rescuer when one child is crying and the other needs a diaper change. It is awesome that she has cooked dinner, done dishes, listened, gone shopping, watched babies, wiped butts and gone on walks with us. We are grateful for her presence. So grateful, I ordered her to take a nap with Gordon today. It was so sweet when I found them, I had to snap a pic!

February 5, 2014

Potty Training, Smiles and Frustration

At night I look back at photos and videos of the children created in moments that pass so quickly throughout the day. Usually, I miss them while they sleep. I was reviewing a video taken at the end of the day Monday. I laugh with vigor. The content isn't particularly hilarious, but it was a long awaited laugh. The day was filled with frustration. Potty training works both ways. All those involved must be patient. I wasn't willing to be patient since I saw the end drawing near so long ago. I wanted it to be over.

Our day led sweet Calvin to avoid dinner all together. He and his brother excused themselves from the table and ran away cheerfully to play. Within a few minutes they reappear dressed in a combination of the outfits from their play costumes causing the adults left at the table to burst with laughter. Calvin came out with this mask which broke through my stubborn anger. How can anyone be angry with Batman? After all, we all make mistakes. In the days following, I was more patient and he was more successful. Lesson learned.

Batman from Mostwhatmatters on Vimeo.

February 4, 2014

Music Muse Tues: Pink and Nate Ruess

If you love to sing, you may have come upon a moment in time where you gained a greater respect for an artist just by hearing one performance. For me, this usually entails a live performance because who knows how "engineered" those voices are that you hear on the radio. Also, the skill it takes to perform in front of a large live audience has much more value than singing to yourself in the shower.

I love this song. I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrics, but I enjoy the vocals. Both of these singers, P!nk and Nate Ruess are flat out talented and work very hard in developing their talent. I particularly enjoy male/female duets since I fantasize of being on a stage entertaining the world with my LOVE one day!

February 3, 2014

Video Mondays: Pledge of Allegiance

My eldest son was Hoot Owl of the week! This means he leads the class in the Pledge of the Allegiance. (A sought after task among his peers.) Upon finding this out, I questioned, "Do you know the Pledge of Allegiance?" This video is a reenactment of what followed. I was so proud! I love our country. I am glad our children have the privilege to grow here. I am thankful for those who fight for our right to grow here. What videos did you collect this week? Share in the comments below!

The Pledge from Mostwhatmatters on Vimeo.

February 2, 2014


It was just an email. Words sent from miles away as information. While reading it, some words danced through my head. "Better luck next time, failure, oh well, why?"

I've always worked under the motto that "you can achieve anything you work for." I've always been a planner. A worker. Someone who accepts challenges offered even if it doesn't look like I fit the mold. It helps me grow. I can't grow if I only accomplish what I am capable of or what I am accustom to doing. I love to learn and grow. Which explains why I am eager for the bigger mold!

The above traits do not translate into a lot of recognized rejection. It is one thing I may not have mastered as of yet. I don't throw fits to get what I want, but I follow rules and demand justice. So, maybe that involves the occasional fit or "standing up for what is right" or"justice." Whatever you think I should call it.

Justice served me tonight as I opened an email that I knew was a simple rejection note. Someone else decided that I didn't fit where I thought I did. We didn't agree. He won. After reading the email I realized something. I realized what happened. But more importantly I realized who the "we" is previously referenced. My Heavenly Father. Over the past couple weeks, I have savored each and every moment of my day with my boys.

I am not eliminating the moments full of frustration, anger and disappointment, but I savored them nonetheless, in anticipation of leaving them behind for a new opportunity. For the first time in a long time, I couldn't picture the future that I usually have all planned out. I didn't know what the future held. I could picture what I thought would happen and then I would think, "there is no way I could go through with this."

Well, that word failure comes up again. The failure in this story lies in recognizing that I cannot plan everything and I must consult with my Heavenly Father if I want to get where I am going, happily. I know The Lord has a plan for me.

I am truly blessed to be entrusted as a mother to my boys. What an honor. I have so many opportunities in front of me. I am going to magnify my current roles while trying to include The Lord in my plans. Then maybe reach out in that crazy world again.

I am leaving you with this video. One of my favorites. Gosh. It gets me every time.

Ps I can't believe it took this big sh-bang to get me to realize such a simple truth. The Lord is in charge. I don't want to fail that lesson again so I thought I would share.

February 1, 2014


As sappy and illegitimate as this may sound, I was listening to Delilah After Dark tonight after dropping our babysitting home. It is somewhat of a drive and I love to sing as loud as possible while alone in the car. She came on in between songs and began to pose questions. "Did you take even a minute to ENGAGE real attention with some you love? Really listen? Drop everything and look into their eyes to really BE there?"

I went with the exercise and came up with a few examples. We are so plugged in these days. I have been noticing it a lot. Our little Gordon is 7 months and he can detect with his large round eyes if I am even partially distracted. He combats it by grabbing a hand full of hair to pull me close until our eyes meet. Then he smiles knowing he is communicating with me.

So, I am throwing out a challenge. Let's go with Delilah on this one. Can you be unplugged for an hour every day? Spend that hour learning about others, yourself, developing a hobby? Analyze where all of your time goes and report back! Comment on your findings. I will be reporting back to you via this space in which I write.

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