October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

My day was spent lounging around, being waited on by my boys, pampered by my mommy at the salon and spa and enjoying an excellent birthday dinner with the fam. One of our family traditions is making a special dinner and home-made cake. This year, Jason made chocolate cake with mint and Oreo icing/filling. It was so yummy! I am blessed to have him a part of my life! Watch one of my presents below:

October 26, 2011


I keep promising myself that I will not blog, which is something that I use as a reward, until I complete a few things:

1. Halloween costumes
2. Updating all grades and such for my classes
3. Plan my littlest lovebug's first annual b-day bash

Well, I gave in and here I am. I have learned to appreciate a few things today. I have a dear friend that I met a few years back. Her heart is filled with kindness. I was drawn to her when we first met because of that special spirit. I am determined that we must have met long ago. I have learned from her about the importance of family. She seems to have a lack of family. A lack of support. I try to show charity for her sweet spirit and hope the favor is returned if I am left on this earth without any family.

Today, I awoke bright and early. I hate waking bright and early, but once I do it, I appreciate the beauty of that time of day. I was on a mission to help my friend. It was funny that I received a call to help her this week because I missed her. I planned to invite her over this week. It worked out perfect, or so I thought. Without too many details, we ended up in the ER. Life couldn't be more valuable than it was as I watched hers slip away. She made it out okay after doctor's had access to her. 

This experience made me appreciate my young, healthy body today. What a blessing that has been forgotten on days when life seems so bleak. To end the day, we got Chinese food. I couldn't seem to catch up with my other responsibilities so we enjoyed some quality take-out. Jason opened the best fortune, "Enjoy every minute of your day." That is my new theme for the week! What's yours?

A Moment of Inspiration

I know you have missed me. I know I've been slacking. I have an excuse. I have been sick and recovering from a nice week away. While patiently waiting for the million posts I am going to spit out, any day now, you can visit the link below. I was actually inspired by something that was on ESPN tonight. I am glad my love had it on the TV as I earnestly searched for current Developmental Psychology content. 

As you watch this story, I hope you are reminded of who you are. I felt so touched by his determination to keep it going. What a story to tell. What a moment of inspiration. 

Miss you guys too!

Click here to watch the inspiring clip. YouTube would not allow me to embed... Sorry! PS Here is a sneak peak picture from last week!

October 17, 2011

Ocean City:Day 1 and 2...

Who could go wrong with the name of this city right? We were blessed to have a great flight, with only one melt down from Oliver after we landed. We managed to lug our all of our "carry-on" luggage through the airport. Oliver entertained many with his cute Tiger carry-on
Check out this video of the above pics. Jas introduced me to this great new video template for photography. Animoto is the name. 

October 13, 2011

è Completo!

What a sigh of relief I have shed today. I was "living on a prayer," throughout the duration of this entire class. I just wanted to be done with this class and I am so grateful it is over. I have learned, I will say that I have learned. Let's just conclude that I am happy the classes are only 5 weeks. Not only will I be able to spend more time with the boys, but I will have more time to record my life through this interface. I can't wait to meet baby Claire and spend time with my grandparents. We haven't been to their home in years (almost 5!!) so I am very much looking forward to our stay. I am off!

Lately, it has been so difficult to get a picture of our biggest lovebug while he actually making some sort of eye contact. He is seemingly at an opposite stage of his younger brother who loves the camera. I reminisce about a time when I thought Oliver would always be a camera "entertainer," but I have no been proven otherwise. It make my job of "capturing-every-moment" more of a challenge and I love that about Oliver. He strives daily to remind me that I can still improve...very much so. These are ever so precious pictures, probably more precious to me than any other reader, of an ordinary day and an ordinary moment. I love days where I feel so ordinary, but look back to find that it was more like extraordinary. The above picture is in running for my favorite picture recorded with Calvin. Through this picture, I hope you can see one of the beautiful gifts our Father in Heaven can give us, love. When I see these pictures, from this day, I think of the words of one of my favorite hymns
"There is sunshine in my soul today, 
More glorious and bright
Than glows in any earthly sky, 
For Jesus is my light.
Oh, there's sunshine, blessed sunshine
When the peaceful happy moments roll
When Jesus shows his smiling face,
There is sunshine in the soul."

Enjoy our love-of-October-weather photos!

October 11, 2011

The Fire Ants Attack

There were three days of rain here in the lovely Sunshine State. This could not come at a more convenient time for me and my vegetable garden. Actually, it would have been nice to put off planting for a few more weeks because part of my garden is dead now. The fire ants have attacked. I attempted to take a few pictures, but was so worried about getting attacked myself, I did not get any clear shots. I spread ant killer as fast as I could retrieve it. I later went out to check on my little fire ants and watched the queen come out for a breath of fresh, pesticide-filled, air. I completely categorize these insects as pestilence that are here only to pester us, so there is no shame in sending them off to another place, far away from here. I did get a video. 

Also, pictured is what I awoke to this morning. "All gone, Mommy. All gone," Oliver says as he hands me an empty box of Frosted Flakes. Jason grabbed the camera. All we could do was laugh. He looks so innocent. He is so innocent. Who can blame a boy who is hungry? I guess I am happy he has claimed his independence and can now pour his own cereal.

October 10, 2011

Sweet baby Claire

Today the world was blessed to have met the beautiful Claire Marie Beatty. She is a doll and as soon as I get my hands on her, I will post some pictures. We love you Cassi and Norman. We love you.

**These un-related shots are from Jason's birthday... We celebrated a low-key family b-day. Isabella was sick, so we only had Nana and Abby over and it was nice. I can't tell you how much I love this guy!

October 6, 2011

Conference Game

I know this post is a bit late, but here goes...The other ward ( member's of our church that meet according to their geographic location) in our church building has a very nice bulletin board. I only noticed their bulletin board when I was taking my screaming boy out of sacrament meeting a few months ago. I am not sure who came up with this idea, but it was so cute, I had to copy. (If you know, please tell me so I can give them props!)

I think it is perfect for this time of year! Here is what you need:
  • Magnets
  • Pictures of the apostles and Prophet to cut out (from the Ensign or printed from the Internet)
  • Glue (Elmer's worked fine for me)
  • Glass Rocks (from the craft store)
First cut out the pictures of the apostles and Prophet. You can print these from the internet or use pictures from the Ensign or Friend magazine. 

Next, glue the front of the picture on the back of the glass rocks. I used clear/blue Elmer's glue and it dried clear without a problem. Let these dry for about an hour. If you rush crafting, it will fall apart quickly!

Once the pictures are glued to the glass rocks, glue magnets to the back of the pictures. Again, I used the clear/blue Elmer's glue. You need to wait a few hours before it is completely dry. 

The final step is to find a metal sheet and wrap it with the background of your choosing. You need to make sure the metal is magnetic. I found an old decorative sign that was wasting away in the garage. I am sure you can find magnetic metal at the Hardware store. I chose to wrap the pictures of the apostles and prophets for my young children, but you may want to type out their names or facts about each one as a matching game. I plan to use the magnets for other FHE games and so forth.
I added a few extra pictures of Jesus Christ in the mix with the extra rocks. What do you think?

October 5, 2011

Fix you?

Are these guys not amazing? My littlest sis is in love with Mr. Tyler Ward who accompanies Boyce Avenue on this wonderful song. I dedicate this song to every best friend I would spend much time trying to "fix" throughout the years (mainly my high school/early college days). I know now that I cannot "fix" any one. I can only help others fix themselves. My favorite lines are in the chorus, "Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you." The lyrics of Coldplay are always impressive to me. They are deep. This song is perfect for teenagers because there are a lot of tears, a lot of "love that you can't replace" and a lot of "feel so tired, but you can't sleep." Okay, the entire song is awesome, I can't really pick a favorite line!! I can't stop hitting play. "But if you never try, you'll never know. Just what you're worth." Gosh, just play the song and let me know what you think! Go Boyce Avenue! Another successful, brilliant interpretation of an already emotion-filled piece of music. BRAVO!

Aren't these pictures skyping with Grandma and Grandpa adorable! You can tell the love the lovebugs have! One more is from our most recent Z00 trip (Just a tease until I finish the photo editing). 

October 3, 2011

Motivation to Keep It Going

Today is a day I put off work. I was awakened by my love at 7AM to start a new schedule. I crawled out of bed and stayed asleep for most of the morning. I found myself dozing off as I read books to our little lovebugs, I totally forgot my amazing Visiting Teacher was coming over and hurried to get completely dressed, and I yearned for a nap all day. I took little cat naps throughout the morning, but it wasn't the same. I know what you're thinking... and NO I am not preggo (at least I think I'm not). It must be what I consumed today.

When I finally had a break, it was my turn to work =). Jason and I switched places. I hurried out to the garage and began checking e-mails. I found a message from the man who made me cry. It was a course offering for more classes than expected this spring! My prayers were answered, my heart was full, and my energy was back. I immediately broke down in a prayer to our loving Heavenly Father. I know that He hears my prayers AND that he answers them.
I cannot wait to blog more, but I must hurry off to bed to satisfy our new schedule! Good night bloggers.

*Pictures from 9-6-11

October 1, 2011

17 Walnuts

I love the Fall season. This time of year reminds me why I love sunny Florida. Each September I think I will get out our fall decor a bit early, to get me in the seasonal-change-kinda-mood, but I always wait until the first day it really feels like Fall weather. Today was that day and I am fighting the promptings to break out all those boxes and decorate. I think I might do it. Oliver will notice and appreciate it I think.

Last night, I sneaked into Oliver's closet, while he was sleeping, to get some delicious ice cream toppings out of food storage! The closet light switch is on the outside of the closet, so this was a risky move, but the ice cream needed a little something extra. I gathered up the courage and planned out all my moves. But I didn't expect one thing...

We got this lovely puzzle for his second birthday. I saw it, I loved it and I got it as our gift to him. Unfortunately, it sometimes will fail me. I bought it because it plays a sound when you put the puzzle piece into the spot. I shortly discovered that the sound worked 60% of the time and would sound even if he put the wrong number in the wrong place. The sound is activated by light, like those new Hallmark books.

Now, back to the story, I opened the closet door as Oliver laid peacefully close. I flipped the switch and whipped around the door. I jumped when I heard, "Seventeen walnuts." I quickly closed the door laughing to myself and hoping I wasn't caught (Jason warned me before I went he. He didn't think it was worth it =) I got the syrup and took a deep breath. I opened the closet door and heard, "17 walnuts, 17 walnuts." My foot was stuck on something. I shut out the light and off went the puzzle. 

I was amused. I guess I never thought I would hear, "17 walnuts," as I reached for chocolate syrup in the middle of the night. And I didn't get caught.

PS General Conference was amazing. You should check it out! It is already available, streaming. My favorite quote so far, "Let us be as quick to kneel, as we are to text."
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